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Peer leaders have the opportunity to directly impact the success of new teachers.

Mentor Coaching Program

NJ State Mentor Training Program

The State of NJ requires through 6A:9C-5.2 that all teacher mentors complete a comprehensive training program. This program not only meets state requirements but generates teacher leaders in perpetuity.

New Jersey: Mentor Coaching Program

🟡 Mentor Coaching Program: For Aspiring and Experienced Mentors

Let us take your experienced teachers and help them become teacher leaders. Through a two session mentor training, we will provide your teachers the tools and frameworks necessary to guide and retain provisional teachers. These sessions will ignite Professional Learning Communities and bring best practices to actionable steps and processes. An optional third session will provide a culminating experience for your mentors and mentees to reflect on their shared experience.

This series is designed to be (2-3) full day workshops, with session 1 & 2 to be held in close succession.

  • Session 1: Training on the school district’s teaching evaluation rubric and practice instrument, Professional Standards for Teachers, NJSLS, classroom observation skills, facilitating adult learning, and leading reflective conversations about teaching practice.
  • Session 2: Supporting Mentees- best practices on teacher leaders and coaching.
  • Session 3 (optional): Culminating session to guide the mentors and mentees through a reflective dialogue and to create shared goals and professional growth plans to continue as learners and leaders in the following school year.
🟡 Add-On: Building/District Adminstrator Workshops

The following workshops can selected as separate half-day workshops or together as one full-day workshop.

  • Workshop A: Pedagogy Meets Andragogy - Supporting your Mentors & Mentees
  • Workshop B: Planning for Sustainable Practice and Support
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